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Turkey is a touristic country and every part of the country you can find historical sights, Cultural events, Sunny weather, sandy beaches. Holiday spots of the country are Kusadasi, Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye, Kas, Antalya. Those places you can also find historical sights and cuntural events for your enjoyable travel. Whenever if you want to visit such a places you  can find arranged daily guided in every regions of Turkey.

Beside daily guided tours you can have a choice self visiting but that may not be possible in many places. Like old city you can visit the places by walking.

How ever if you visit yourself or with daily tour there will not much diffrence only you may waste time at the ticket que at front og the historical sights. 

Between the regions you can travel by flight, local bus and private minibuses. There are flights between long distances and also local buses. Local buses has bus link between all cities especially touristic regions 

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