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Cappadocia land of Valley

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Cappadocia Land of Valley Turkey. You can see the unique landscapes and valleys together. Great region for feeling the history and natural unique caves. In the region there are lots of activities for spending joyfull time with daily activity. some of activities are guided tours goreme, Dervish show, Red Tour, green , hot air balloon tour, and staying in a cave hotel will give you joyful experience. If you are travelling 2-3 families with kids maybe another enjoyable thing will be hire a minibus and driver.


Cappadocia, Turkey: a wonder of the valley world that is a dream come to life in truely. Discover valley landscapes, Cave Hotels, and hundreds of hot air balloons floating across the golden sky. Whether you're hiking between rock formations, riding on horseback at sunset, or lying down under a blanket of stars, every experience in Cappadocia is magical. This will be a to do list of moments that keep a mark on your mind and heart forever.

horse ride tour cappadocia Dervish show Red Tour green tour hot air balloon tour and staying in a cave hotel will give you joyful experience guided tours goreme daily activity

Best to do list for Cappadocia: A tour operator to the Hot air balloons 

Cappadocia, Turkey: a wonder of the valley world that is a dream come to life in truely. Discover valley landscapes, Cave Hotels, and hundreds of hot air balloons floating across the golden sky. Whether you're hiking between rock formations, riding on horseback at sunset, or lying down under a blanket of stars, every experience in Cappadocia is magical. This will be a to do list trip of moments that keep a mark on your mind and heart forever.

Welcome to the magic Cappadocia!

Cappadocia is located in Central Anatolia, one of Turkey's most beautifuland interesting regions, if not the world! The area of Cappadocia became famous for its unique landscapes, filled with mushroom shaped rock formations and deep valleys, created through the years from volcanic activities and erosions.

It's hard to believe that nature can create this kind of scenery itself, Over thousents of years, the people of this region have used carving the rock into houses, churches, and underground towns which is given by nature.derin kuyu underground city

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight Experince,

The best thing to do while you're in Cappadocia is to go on one of the well-known balloon rides. Hundreds of hot air balloons, in various rainbow colors, flight through the beautiful sky above the fairy tale landscapes, in a display like no smillar.
Most tour companies will collect you from your hotel, Hostel, Cave hotel at 5 AM before taking off time for sunrise. This is a lifetime experiencea in your life, and, as a result, it can be expensive. Tickets usually cost upwards of $170. However, they do normally offer breakfast and champagne.cappadocia day tours hot air balloon guided cappadocia balloon tour tour cappadocia guide entertainments Activities camel ride

Horse Riding Through Rose Valley, Cappadocia: 

Rose Valley is where Cappadocia's love valley reputation comes to life. Located a 15 min drive from Goreme, it's home to pinkish rock valleys, huge rolling rock formations, and craters. These one is a kind of landscapes are what make Cappadocia, and especially Rose Valley, so great for hiking and horse riding.

If you're planing horse riding, there are plenty of options to choose in Cappadocia. However, we highly recommend the 2 hours sunset ride. You can't beat being at one with nature and getting to visit secret viewpoints; perfect for watching the sun set.

horse ride tour cappadocia Horse Ride in Cappadocia

Hiking in Cappadocia: 

If horse riding isn't interesting for you, you can choose from a variety of naturel hiking trails instead. Trails are from 2 kilometers to 10 kilometers, and you can discover the famous cave houses and churches on the way. Additionally, if you want a little more speed, there are other options to see Rose Valley, such as biking.

At sun rise Watch the balloons,

watching Cappadocia from above is exciting, however, maybe even better is experience the balloons from the ground too! Get up early, and walk to a balloon watch point, to watch the glow of the balloons against the pinkish and oranges of the morning sky.
up to on your choice, the hot air balloons can get really close almost close enough to touch. actually you have to move out the way of a balloon at one point in order to not get hit by the basket! The chance to get up close and personal is not only an amazing travel experience but a photographer's dream and easily one of our best things to do in Cappadocia.

Pasabagi and Cappadocia open air museum 

Pasabag, also known as Valley of the Monks, where the mushroom shaped rock formations live. With large rocks that seem to balance on top of them, these chimneys are dotted all over the valley and were once an important settlement for monks.Many of them were carved into churches, and now over 32 rock churches are open for visitors. Make sure you take the opportunity to visit inside and even climb to the top.

Be aware that Pasabag can become very busy as it is a popular stop off on many organized Guided tours. If you want to see it when it's quiet and snap some photos without people in them, we advise visiting at sunrise. The area is free of charge to enter!

Goreme Open air museum Cappadocia,

Another must see place is the Cappadocia Open Air Museum, one of Turkey's UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is located in Goreme, only 15 min walk from the city center, so it's a fun and easy thing to visit if you're staying in the town. The Open Air Museum is home for many magnificent churches carved within the rock and have frescoes painted on the walls. Entrance fee of the museum is around 3-4 usd.

Stay in a Cappadocia unique Cave Hotel 

The caves of Cappadocia were carved out hundreds of years ago and used as houses and churches by the locals and monks. Nowadays, these rock houses have been converted to hotels, giving visitors the opportunity to live like the locals used to live. This is an unforgettable accommodation experience and something totally unique in Cappadocia.

We highly recommend you to stay in Aydinlı Cave hotel or Sarnich Cave hotel, which are fantastic. What's more, they havecomfortable room and an amazing roof terrace which has beautiful views across the valley and rock formations.

How to travel and visit Cappadocia? 

Cappadocia is a region in central Turkey known for its unique landscape of fairy-tale-like rock formations, cave dwellings, and hot air balloon rides. If you're planning a trip to Cappadocia, here are some steps to help you with your travel and visit:

Plan your itinerary: Decide on the duration of your trip and create a detailed itinerary. Research the attractions you want to visit, such as Göreme Open Air Museum, Underground Cities, Fairy Chimneys, and hot air balloon rides, and plan your days accordingly.

Book your flights: Look for flights to Kayseri Erkilet or Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport, which are the nearest airports to Cappadocia. Book your flights well in advance to get the best deals.

Book accommodation: Cappadocia offers a range of accommodation options, including hotels, guesthouses, and cave hotels. Research and book your accommodation in advance to ensure availability during your travel dates.

Arrange transportation: Cappadocia is best explored by renting a car or booking a guided tour. If you plan to rent a car, make sure you have a valid international driving license and familiarize yourself with driving regulations in Turkey.

Pack appropriately: Cappadocia has a semi-arid climate, with hot and dry summers and cold winters. Pack accordingly with comfortable clothing, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for the summer, and warm clothing for the winter, especially if you plan to take a hot air balloon ride.

Stay safe: Like any other travel destination, Cappadocia has its safety considerations. Follow local laws and customs, be cautious of pickpockets, and take necessary precautions when engaging in outdoor activities such as hiking or hot air ballooning.

Enjoy your trip: Cappadocia is a unique and breathtaking destination with plenty to see and do. Take your time to explore the region, learn about its rich history and culture, and enjoy the natural wonders it has to offer.

By following these steps, you can plan and enjoy a memorable trip to Cappadocia, Turkey. Safe travels!

There are two airports in the area that you can choose from when you're traveling to Cappadocia. The main flight runs from Istanbul to Cappadocia Nevsehir Airport (1 hr 15 min) or Kayseri Airport (1 hr 15 min). From these airports, you can easily arrange a transfer to Goreme, as lots of tour operators offer a package. It's also worth asking any tour operator if they offer a transfer from the airport.

Alternatively, if you don't want to fly, there is a night bus that runs from multiple cities to Goreme. It takes around 11 hours and is credited for its comfortable ride and good service. You can book your bus ticket from a bus ticket selling company

Renting a Van in Turkey is another good option. Renting a van at a local van rental company through When booking through them, all insurances are included. Book your rental minibus here.

Getting around Cappadocia 

Once you're in Cappadocia, the attractions are very spread out. This is great if you're a hiker and love long walks between sights. If you're not a hiker, it's best to hire a minibus with driver, or join an organized tour to see all the sights. Tours also often include lunch as well, so it's a good way to save money finish securely your trip.

Best time to travel and visit to Cappadocia,

Cappadocia is beautiful in all seasons; however, try to avoid July and August because of the heat, crowds of tourists, and higher prices. Late spring or early autumn is the ideal time for a peaceful visit, with mild temperatures and lower prices.

Also, you'll see that lots of people visit Cappadocia on a day trip, but one day is not enough to feel the atmosphere of this stunning place. Highly recommended visiting for at least 2 days, relax, take a hot air balloon ride, and do many other outdoor activities on offer by tour operators.