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Antalya Holiday center Turkey

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  Holiday center is a touristic city with it's lovely regions. You can find History, Sun, Fun and Sandy beaches. There are historical sights you can visit side, Aspendos, Perge, Thermassos. Also there are natural activities regions as Duden waterfall, Manavgat. You can visit this regions with guided or you can hire a mini van for visiting water fall and Koprulu Canyon.

Exploring Kaleici, Antalya holiday Old City 

In Antalya walk through the old town. Is it a small beautiful architecture, like the mosque and parks with people relaxing in it. It is not huge but it is big enough to wonder around. Cars can not really drive in the old town so it is a pleasant escape in the middle of a busy city.

Glass Elevator Panoramic viewpoint Antalya holiday

It's a great walk down in Old town and once you have reached the harbor it is not hard to get back.The glass elevator is an iconic place in Kaleici town. The elevator connects old to new Antalya. when you get to the top, the view over the harbor is for enjoying a few minutes.

Visit Cat garden and Play with the cats 

Near the Panoramic glass elevator viewpoint, you can play or take care of cats who are rescued. It's just a super small park next to the main street and free to volunteer or walk through.

Kaleici Harbor and sunset

When the sun starts setting down, local people and tourists jump in the water to play with their kids. Walk all the way down to the pier, sit down on the seats, and enjoy a perfect sunset in Antalya.

How to go to Kaleici, Antalya's Old Town?

Kaleici is in the Antalya city center and easy to reach. From Antalya International airport, it's 30-minute to Kaleici. Taxis have to enter the old town through a gate and the road in Kaleici is only one way.

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