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Trans-continental Turkey: a lovely country where continents and cultures mixed together, resulting in unique Asian, European, and Middle Eastern live styles. Travel through this truly extraordinary travel destination, experiencing incomparable Turkish delights!

Incredible Istanbul

Get ready to travel and visit the dynamic city of Turkey, Istanbul, great city that has both Asia and Europe! As a result, it has both the European beauty of ancient, and colorful buildings, combined with Asian spirituality and flavors. Discover the delights of a modern, metropolitan city, that has all the beauty of the past, and the grace of Islam. Seen within the ancient spice bazaars, spectacular mosques, and palaces with luxurious as beautifully intricate as their exteriors. Relax after an eventful day of history and culture, with a rooftop view and without end choices of mouth watering Turkish food. Sweet baklava, legendary Turkish kebab, or delicious mezze, Turkish food is loved the all travellers and locals.

Fairy-tale Landscapes

Unbeleivable experiences await those traveling through the great Turkish landscapes. Turquoise waters lap at soft white sand, sweeping bays hug beautiful cliffs with bays, and epic roads make for interesting road trips. Once finished on land, go sky high by paragliding over lagoons and oceans, or hot air ballooning above the enchanting cave houses and canyons of's learning about history, undertaking adrenaline inducing activities, or experiencing fairy-tale landscapes of Turkey.


Canakkale Gallipoli and Troy

Canakkale and . Canakkale has places to visit as Gallipoli  peninsula, Lone pine, anzac cove, the nek, and which has also cemeteries and war museum. Besides Gallipoli also Troy…

Antalya Holiday center Turkey

History, Sun, Fun and Sandy beaches. There are historical sights you can visit with guided tour, and waterfalls

Istanbul Byzantian and ottoman Relics

Istanbul Turkey, How you can Visit old city Istanbul has a large airport that serves major destinations of the world...