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Pamukkale Guided tours Turkey

Pamukkale is world heritage natural springs region where  the swimming possible in thermal waters. Pamukkale is a small willage next to denizli. When you travel by bus or flight you will arrive in denizli otogar or Denizli airport. Then you will catch transfer bus or local minibuses to Pamukkale village. 

This lovely village has many luxury hotels besides the pensions for staying. How ever pension style accommodation s not recommended. Because the region has thermal water and better you stay high class hotels to enjoy the thermal pools.

Also in Pamukkale there is morning hotair balloon rides. That is also interesting activity of the town. After pamukkale you can travel by bus to Ephesus, Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye,Antalya, Canakkale, bursa istanbul. Buses are departing from otogar you can catch anytime if you wish but head booking will be required because the buses are very busy.

For visiting Pamukkale you may not need a tour. But generally for pamukkale covers morning arrival transfer from denizli otogar that will make your easier. Also if you are in pamukkale for only day that case tour will be a must with refresment. Keep baggage, shower, breakfast even a short sleep will be a part of refreshment

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