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Ephesus region Tours

Ephesus is very important region where the Ephesus ruins, Virgin marry house, and also possible daily visit to Miletus didyma, Pamukkale, Pergamon etc.

In Ephesus region there are  2 small towns where you can stay at Selcuk or .

Selcuk is a smal town close by the Ephesus ruins. There are enough boutique hotels and pension for staying. How ever if you wish to visit Ephesus and other places  we highly recommend you to stay in Kusadasi. This lovely town is by the sea side. There are good beaches for swimming and especially night life is very interesting.

This both small town has otogar and 1 hour drive from izmir . You can travel to and from this towns to other part of Turkey by Local bus, flight or  private minibus

Ephesus related package tours. Here you can find Ephesus day tours and Tours departing from Ephesus

Ephesus related Package tours

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